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Weston Park Hospital

One in three people in the UK will be affected by cancer - this will rise to one in every two people by 2020.

Weston Park Hospital is one of only four dedicated cancer hospitals in England and its reputation as a centre of excellence in the fight against cancer is recognised not only here in the UK, but also internationally.
It provides cancer treatment services for patients across this entire region - Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster, Worksop and Chesterfield as well as Sheffield. Increasingly treatment is being delivered in the community and local hospitals under the expertise of Weston Park Hospital specialists.  

The hospital's expertise resides in the range of effective radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments that are performed and patients travel from all across the country, in some cases even from abroad, in order to receive the specialist treatments and care for which Weston Park is renowned.

The hospital receives 7,000 new patient referrals every year

As home to what is arguably one of the best radiotherapy departments in the UK (and the only one in the vicinity of South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire and North Derbyshire), Weston Park Hospital is ideally equipped to handle the 6,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed annually in this region alone. On average, nearly 60,000 patient visits are received every year by the department.

World-class facilities

For patients undergoing intensive regimes of chemotherapy (not suitable for administering on the new chemotherapy unit), Weston Park possesses 78 inpatient beds spread over 4 separate wards.
An average of 50 people per day visit the hospital’s chemotherapy unit as outpatients and our consultants also work tirelessly alongside a number of outpatient clinics in the surrounding areas of Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley and Chesterfield, to help plan the most beneficial chemotherapy treatments for people attending their own District General Hospitals.

Cancer affects young people as well

The purpose-built Teenage Cancer Unit, with its comfortable ‘home-from-home’ atmosphere, caters for the needs and emotional support of young cancer sufferers (between the ages of 16 and 25), for whom the treatment experience may be particularly daunting.

Weston Park Cancer Charity

We are Weston Park Cancer Charity and we support the incredible work of Weston Park Hospital.
The vital funds that are raised by the Cancer Charity help to make it more than 'just a hospital', by focusing on three areas - cancer research, cancer treatment and cancer care.
We need to raise £2 million this year to help keep Weston Park Hospital at the forefront of cancer treatment.

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