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Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, working in collaboration with not-for-profit health insurance provider Westfield Health, Yorkshire Cancer Research and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, aims to deliver a state of the art Clinical Research Unit and expand the capacity of the Daycase by refurbishing the first floor of the hospital.

The alignment of the two areas will provide a state of the art facility. 

This exciting development will be instrumental in enabling the clinical research programme to further enhance its trial portfolio and will provide accommodation which supports participation in a much broader range of trial and research opportunities.

Whilst research and clinical trial activity is embedded practice throughout the directorate, the new facility will further facilitate the promotion of research and associated clinical developments.

It will significantly strengthen governance arrangements underpinning the delivery of safe anti-cancer treatments whilst extending that same standard of safety to the delivery and management of the new and experimental therapies being developed.
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A significant proportion of the required funding for the development has already been secured. Westfield Health has pledged its biggest ever donation of £350,000, kickstarting the campaign with a single contribution of £100,000.

The company has also matched Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity’s fundraising for the new suite pound for pound, up to a maximum of £250,000.

This fantastic gift from Westfield brings their total charitable donations over the last 16 years to an incredible £10million invested into the local community.
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Yorkshire Cancer Research
has also given a £300,000 donation towards the new Cancer Research and Treatment suite.

The new facility will attract significant clinical benefits for our patients and therefore further develop service delivery. It will undoubtedly enhance the already notable and extensive research profile of the clinical teams.

The scheme combines standard NHS practice and service delivery with a highly innovative and developmental research profile, in a single treatment facility.

This will demonstrate a truly joint approach to the delivery of cancer care and is an opportunity for those involved to be instrumental in progressing this unique facility for our patients.

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