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We currently have two individual day case chemotherapy treatment facilities. The Westfield Suite is based in the Cancer Clinical Trials Centre at Weston Park Hospital and the Day Case Services Unit is located on the first floor of the main Weston Park Hospital building.Chemotherapy image

The Cancer Clinical Trials Centre is remote from the main Weston Park Hospital, which provides all of the backup for the treatment suite. The Centre is at full capacity and furthermore, due to safety reasons, treatment in the centre cannot continue past 5pm.

This means that patients having treatment at 5pm have to be transferred over to the main hospital, which can cause delays in treatment whilst this is facilitated.

Demand for treatment on the existing Day Case Unit within the hospital is so high that the current setup simply cannot cope with the numbers of patients being treated. Space on the unit is in very short supply, meaning patients are treated in very close proximity to each other and are restricted to having one visitor with them at a time. The nursing staff also have to perform their duties in cramped conditions.

Facilities such as the toilets and waiting areas are in need of a revamp to ensure they meet the increasingly varied needs of patients.

We plan to totally integrate the two specialised clinical treatment areas into a single location and so maximise the benefits of a single purpose built facility. 

In addition to a larger area for outpatient and day case based treatments, the new area will have the necessary single room and en suite bathroom facilities needed for biological agents requiring category two confinement or other treatments, e.g. radioisotopes requiring separate toilet facilities.

This exciting new unit will be easily accessible to the Cancer Clinical Trials Centre and to the sample processing, storage laboratory and consulting rooms.

Additionally the new unit will also provide the opportunity to develop inpatient facilities for studies that need overnight observation and extended pharmokinetic measurements. These important advances in research and treatment would simply not be possible in the current facilities.

The development will deliver significant benefits to patients receiving more complex therapies, either as part of a research study or as clinically indicated NHS treatments.Nurse

The delivery of these treatments is often more time consuming and requires more intensive patient monitoring than standard therapies.

The new unit will increase opportunities for cancer patients to have access to research studies and new therapies that cannot currently be considered as we do not have separate preparation and drug administration facilities.

Future anti-cancer treatments are likely to involve more complex interventions and the new unit will ensure that patients in this cancer network have access to the most up to date therapies, initially as part of a research program and subsequently as NHS treatments.

The increased capacity will enable us to treat more patients on a day to day basis. There will be increased capacity to further develop our collaborative working with industry which will generate additional income to support the service expansion, a ‘win/win’ situation for the ultimate benefit of our patients. 

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