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Vengeance Run

Saturday 20th May
Chesterfield TBC

With so many obstacle races and runs all claiming to be the 'toughest', it's easy to question why is this one any different.

Think about it, we're not selling it on the number of obstacles, although there will be many, we're not selling it on the distance run, as distance alone doesn't mean it's the toughest. No, what we're telling you is that the Vengeance Run is the toughest event you will find because it's the ultimate combination of everything you could possibly imagine!

Long distance, over rough terrain and obstacles, dragging a weight might seem bad enough, but add to that the fact that you will be stopped and expected to complete physical strength and endurance on the way by our staff and you're starting to get the idea.

Oh, and during all this, you'll need to be mentally alert enough to complete the mental tests we have set too, because that will also be brought into your final score.

We are a small group of combat sports and ex-military minds that know what it's like to find your absolutely limit..... And then keep going.

When you feel you can't even hold your own body weight, can't get over the hurdle in front of you, have nothing left and want to quit.... That's when you find out whether you're tough or not.

Whether you're an accomplished runner or obstacle race competitor, or if you and a group of friends or colleagues fancy seeing how far you can get, we are ready and waiting.

We'll go through a group warm up with you, bang some tunes on, get you setup with your recording equipment so we can see what distance you manage and of course your prized t-shirt! Then it's down to you, what will give up first, your head or your body?

We'll see you at the start line.

How to Register
Sign up: tickettailor.com/all-tickets/20462/d88b/
For full details and entry please visit: www.vengeancerun.com

Who to contact
For run information contact Lee Renshaw (event organiser) - E.info@vengeancerun.com T.07494 330838

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