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Fundraising Standards Board

Fundraising Advice

Following these steps will help you organise a smooth-running, successful and enjoyable event.

Step 1 - Selecting a fundraising event

  • Complete and submit a Fund Raising and Events Registration Form
  • Feel free to be creative and adventurous.
  • Use the A-Z of Fundraising Ideas for inspiration and refer to the Be Safe, Be Legal section.
  • Choose an event where you make the most of your strengths and skills.
  • Remember the simple ideas are often the most successful.
  • Ask your workmates, friends and family for their ideas and feedback. They may be able to offer free advice or see potential problems that you may not have spotted.
  • Make sure you look at other activities in your local area to check that no other high profile activities are taking place on the same day.

Step 2 - Tasks, budgets, timescales and venue

  • Draw up a timetable of what needs to be done, by whom and when.
  • Think about a budget - work on the basis of maximum income and minimum expenditure.
  • Venue, artwork and publicity, refreshments and entertainments may all need to be considered and planned for.
  • Get a number of quotes as some companies will charge full price whereas others will quote at a discounted charity rate.
  • Always ASK! It may be possible to obtain items/prizes/venues for FREE or at a reduced charity rate. We can provide letters to verify that you are fundraising on our behalf.
  • Always ensure that Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity Charity Number and Logo are visible on any posters, flyers, and tickets. Please contact us if you require a copy of our logo.
  • Registered Charity No. 1039885

Step 3 - Publicising your event

  • Use any contacts you know to spread the word.
  • Try and provide the press with an unusual and exciting story.
  • Publicity prior to the event can help sell tickets.
  • Publicity after the event raises the profile of the Cancer Charity, increases the level of general donations we receive and can be a way of thanking people who have supported you.
  • Include information about the work of the Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity. How exactly is the money going to be spent? What is our latest appeal for? Please contact us to get the up to date information.

Step 4 - The Big Day!

  • Make sure all your volunteers know what they are doing.
  • Draw up a timetable and move the volunteers from job to job every couple of hours to prevent them becoming bored.
  • Thank your volunteers both on the day and with a follow up card.
  • Enjoy the day. You've put a lot of time and effort into your event and planned it well- relax.

Step 5 - After the day

  • Account for the money raised and send it to Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity - for ways of giving it to the charity see Donate
  • Evaluate how things went.
  • Say thank you to your helpers.
  • Tell the local press how well it went and how much you made.
  • Celebrate your success.

Well Done!


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