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When diagnosed early, all patients survive the disease for five years or more – compared with less than a third when diagnosed late.

To support patients from initial diagnosis to managing the possible after-effects of treatment, Weston Park Cancer Charity is currently raising funds for the purchase of equipment to deliver advanced Radiotherapy technique (SABR), and the provision of Auricular Acupuncture sessions at the Cancer Support Centre.

 SABR, a new form of innovative radiotherapy treatment, will soon be offered to early stage prostate cancer patients at Weston Park Hospital as part of a ground-breaking new trial.
Pioneering Treatments
To deliver this new treatment, which aims to deliver a more concentrated dose of radiation in fewer treatment sessions, Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity must raise £45,000 to purchase the equipment required to ensure the accurate and safe delivery of this pioneering new technique.
 Dr Din, a Clinical Oncologist at Weston Park Hospital specialising in the research and treatment of prostate cancer, said, 
“The success of this treatment could have a huge impact on the region’s only Radiotherapy department at Weston Park Hospital and reduce the standard Radiotherapy treatment schedule for early stage prostate cancer patients from 20 sessions over 4 weeks to just 5 treatments over 1 week.”
Battling Side Effects
The charity is also continuing to fund sessions of Auricular Acupuncture at the Cancer Support Centre. Auricular Acupuncture, which consists of 5 needles being placed in each ear for a half hour period, has proven benefits for improving hot-flush side effects often experienced by prostate cancer patients taking hormonal treatment.
The group sessions, which run each week at the centre, have become increasingly popular as patients recognise the notable improvement of symptoms after just four sessions.
Roger Gibson (70) from Beighton was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer back in 2010. Roger was referred to the Cancer Support Centre in 2015 when he started experiencing hot flushes after taking hormonal treatment for prostate cancer and receiving radiotherapy treatment at Weston Park Hospital. 
Former Coach Driver, Roger said, 
“By attending the Auricular Acupuncture sessions I have seen a remarkable difference in the intensity and frequency of my hot flushes. My wife and I enjoy coming to the centre for the sessions as the staff are so welcoming and friendly and don’t make a bad cuppa either!”

Fellow Acupuncture Patient, Jack Glaves (82) has also seen an ‘unbelievable’ difference in his symptoms since attending the sessions which he says have ultimately turned his life around.
 Cancer Support Centre Manager, Karen Holmes, said, 
“When the charity started funding the Auricular Acupuncture sessions back in April 2015, we never imagined it would have such a big uptake and positive impact. A staggering 89% of attendees have reported improvement for hot flushes, 72% reported improvement in sleep and 53% reported improvement in general well-being.”
Vital Funding
Speaking of the investment, Weston Park Cancer Charity Fundraising Manager, Helen Gentle, said, 
“It is incredibly important for us to support projects which will ultimately transform the way cancer services are delivered right across the region. The funding of equipment for the new SABR radiotherapy treatment, and the Auricular Acupuncture sessions, will ensure that Weston Park Hospital can make an impact worldwide and help develop the cutting-edge cancer treatments of tomorrow. “

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